Service Offerings

Asset Management

For clients who hold a portfolio of real estate assets (or aspire to), Beacon proudly offers Asset Management Services.

We understand each investor has its own unique set of investment goals. Let us leverage our experience and expertise to develop customized strategies to successfully guide your portfolio through the investment life cycle.

Our Asset Management Services Include:
- Oversight of Property Management
- Acquisition and Disposition Support
- Operational Budgeting and Analysis
- Capital Expenditure Budgeting
- Business Planning

Broker Opinion of Value

By delivering data-driven BOVs, Beacon empowers our clients to make well-informed decisions.

Our comprehensive opinions of value are derived from an in-depth understanding of the following:

- Subject Property Profile
- Recent Sales Activity
- Lending Environment
- Investor Return Requirements

Buyer Representation

Beacon prides itself on helping clients make the right investment decisions. We welcome the opportunity to meet with any investor (new-to-market, first time investor, etc) to discuss their investment objectives and explain the value of Beacon's representation throughout the investment lifecycle. We pride ourselves on helping clients avoid risky endeavors and successfully acquire compelling opportunities.

Competitive Market Analysis

Although property features and amenities typically get most of the attention, Beacon understand that the success of our client's investment is dictated by submarket viability. Our Competitive Market Analysis identifies submarket strengths and weaknesses so our clients may invest with a clear understanding of the competitive environment.

Financial Modeling

Beacon has the financial expertise to listen to a client's investment objectives and clearly represent them in a financial model. As market variables and objectives change, these financial models are refreshed to ensure that our clients are on the right path to achieving their objectives.

Investment Analysis

Beacon understands that every opportunity presents unique risks and upside. We consider all property, submarket, and lending factors when determining if an investment is compelling enough to pursue.

Marketing & Advertising

There are a myriad of marketing channels and advertising opportunities to consider to obtain the optimal results for disposition of any asset. Beacon appreciates that a "one size fits all" mentality does not always cater desired results in the highly fragmented and specialized realm of investment real estate.

Let's discuss your goals, and then we will help you achieve optimal results using the best marketing and advertising program to suit your needs. We will help customize your program to be the lowest cost, most effective and efficacious.

Market Pricing Analysis

Positioning is one of the most important strategies in sports, as well as in the realm of commercial real estate. Besides offering BOVs for your investment properties, we are happy to provide Competitive Market Pricing Analysis for your competition and your submarket as well.

We can set up a program that provides you regular interval feedback (longitudinal analysis) as well as environmental analysis (latitudinal analysis). Using these methodologies can effectively determine when and when not to acquire, dispose and when to re-position or re-finance properties.

Mortgage Advisory

Great relationships and many years of experience are at your fingertips with our Mortgage Advisory service. We quickly assess your financing requirements, and then illuminate an optimal path to achieve desired investment strategies. This area of investment real estate is often under-valued as many investors simply seek the most accessible path to financing, without taking time to determine the most optimal financing program. This could be the difference in yielding or securing millions of dollars of returns over time.

Property Listing Service

Beacon has designed its marketing platform and advertising campaigns to maximize exposure for our listings. We will help you strategically determine the most cost effective and efficacious (over time) listing program for your property or portfolio. Beating the market on acquisition and disposition requires great luck, or the skill and experience of dedicated professionals who live and breath in this market on a daily basis. Our services will ensure your listings are properly received by the targeted population of the best potential buyers.

Rent & Sale Surveys

Beacon monitors the market closely and has developed user-friendly tools that enable our clients to stay up to date with current rental and sales trends. Let us put together custom survey programs so that you may consistently and persistently analyze your investments versus the market now and over time.

Search Services

Beacon has developed industry leading search tools, making it convenient for our clients to stay up to date with the local market. Just select your desired criteria and then you'll quickly view the results from recent sales, current listings, or overall market inventory.

Submarket Research

Real estate value is still driven by location first. Many investors focus on the heath and forecast of the Phoenix Metro Area and overlook the importance of their specific submarket.

Beacon delivers submarket research that accounts for the development pipeline, compset performance, and health of all commercial property types. Our submarket-level analytics effectively educate our clients on the viability of their property's submarket.


Beacon will be your trusted guide throughout the investment lifecycle

With more than fifty years of commercial real estate sales and development experience, Beacon has the commensurate expertise required to exceed our clients' expectations.

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