Where is Your Beacon?

A beacon is a conceptual symbol of guidance, hope, light, message and even of safe harbor. Beacon Investment Real Estate is a full service brokerage and consulting firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We provide our investors with insightful intelligence and real strategic solutions for their commercial real estate investment business needs.

Let our analysis, consulting, investment experience, and technology solutions guide you fearlessly on epic journeys over the seas of challenge, of opportunity and of reward.

Let us be your Beacon.



What is Your Best Investment?

Beacon has a full array of data and technology tools, but it is our education, and experience that distinguishes our services from the ocean of investment offerings.

Please click the link to request we contact you to provide our investment (buyer) services.


What is Best Way to Sell?

There are many marketing strategies to list and to sell a property, but there is not one best way to sell all properties.

We guide you to the best marketing strategy for your property; whether it be priced or unpriced offering, call for offers or rolling offers, local, or regional or national marketing distribution, as we create a customized plan that fits your need.



What is Your Game Plan?

Superior consulting can be found at the critical intersection of experience, intelligence and service.  And of course, the delivery of advice must be timely to be effective.

Our firm boasts well-educated and experienced analysts with a passion for service excellence.  Let’s compare resumes, and then let’s discuss your investment strategy.

We would love to hear you echo the phrase, “Veni, vidi, vici.”

Featured Properties

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