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The founders of the firm, Robert (Bob) Farrell and Joseph (Joe) Dietz, met in the 1990s through a mutual friend.  At the time, both Bob and Joe were working in fortune 1000 companies, having just completed their respective graduate programs and starting their respective families.  As their careers progressed, their desires to venture beyond the corporate world and into commercial real estate evolved.  Both started commercial real estate at SVN and their paths continued to cross from that point through the inception of this firm.

Beacon was founded on the sincere belief that strong relationships are the key to long term success in business and in life.  To facilitate this journey, Bob and Joe are committed to providing the utmost in services using efficient processes, effective technologies, steadfast integrity and a commitment to fostering and building the best possible relationships.  These values are our core.

As for our collective experience, we have each worked in commercial real estate for twenty years.  Prior to that we worked in management positions in health administration, pharmaceutical market research and mergers and acquisitions for technology companies. Our collective education and experience serves us well as we seek to provide our colleagues and customers the best results.

Our firm shall relentlessly strive to be your Beacon for your real estate investments.


Historically, the commercial real estate industry has been more restrictive with various "barriers of entry" including personal wealth, social connections, and access to information, which was highly guarded by commercial real estate firms of yore. This historical environment moved at a slower pace, with less participants, and the power and control held by a more fortunate smaller population.

Circa 2000, things started to change in the real estate industry. More access to information, more mobility across markets, and more players with access to capital as the capital market started to loosen its belt. Unfortunately, the belt came all the way off from 2007 to 2010. Hard times were had by all, but the survivors learned greatly.


Currently, the commercial real estate industry has been evolving. We have had an extended period of post recession growth which continues to move, evolve and show signs of life. Both information and technology have begun to consolidate and to have an increasing impact on the rate of business, including sales, leasing and financing. New, younger and more innovative investors and investment programs have entered into markets all over the world. The rate of change is accelerating.

There are questions and concerns about what investors see on the horizon. Will there be a recession? Will their be significant geo-political events? What changes will there be to the environment, the markets, the product types and the sub-markets? We persistently analyze the present landscape, and we are happy to help.


The future poses the most significant challenge to investors in determination of their exit strategy. Without a well planned exit strategy based on proper information, using honed analytical models and predictive tools, most investors might as well be in a rudderless craft subject to the motion of the markets and the weather of the geo-political environment. Over our many years in the commercial real estate market place, we have seen the differences between results from luck and from strategy.

We have built strong relationships with many investors over our careers. We continue to provide our services well beyond any transactions, and we take personal pride in our efforts to provide the best and most timely advice. We rise to the occasion when the challenges loom larger, because we have ample resources to work from.


We respect and appreciate that there are very few truly perfect moments in life, including business and relationships.  The realization of this perfect moment is fulfilling.

Our mission is simple:  We persistently strive to be impeccable in the provision of our commercial real estate service for our investors.  We want to be your Beacon.

Yes, we are on the learning curve towards this mission.  But we are educated, experienced, motivated, talented and resourced to achieve this fleeting utopic vision.


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